Hidden village

True to its name, Hidden Village at atgaon 10kms-12kms ahead of Shahapur on the Mumbai-Nashik highway, is a nature lovers hamlet hidden away from the world. It’s just an hours drive from mumbai which makes it a perfect weekend getaway. The moment your car enters the gate you get a feeling of being somewhere else. So Calm, so Raw, so peaceful and serene. All you can hear is the chirping of the birds and sound of river flowing. At the entrance we saw a stone with Hidden Village carved on it , a lil further you see a little wooden bridge which leads to the entrance of this hidden treasure.

A quiet sitting outside our room.

A quiet sitting outside our room.

Hammock..our favourite resting place

Hammock..our favourite resting place

After a round of local authentic maharashtrian breakfast, we were allotted a room with an attached bathroom. We kept our bags there and within a minute stepped out to explore the place. We headed straight to the beautiful waterfall that we passed on our way to the room. The waterfall as mentioned in their website was a natural waterfall created by the resort guys With the help of the dam water that flows through their property. The water here comes in so much force that it’s impossible to stand under it for more than 5 minutes. We had a great time splashing the water, swimming and posing for photos. The place was not crowded so we had the whole waterfall for ourselves. To add to the fun, it even started raining.


At the other end of the river , we spotted a few ducks when we tried getting close to it they ran away. They have a games room with TT, carom and pool, which we never visited as we spent all our time at the waterfall. They also have a natural swimming pool in which I tried to dip my feet but had to withdraw within minutes because it was freakingly cold.

The place where the waterfall is has A small section for the guests to get their natural fish pedicure done. You can sit there and relax while the fishes nibble at your feet. However, we dint get a chance to do it because we had been there during monsoons and monsoon is not a good time to get a fish pedicure. In fact you don’t see dr.fishes at all during that time.

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The rooms are cozy but basic & clean with bamboo plantations  & with a hammock outside your room. There are also a variety of barn animals at the property , you get to see them while your having your breakfast. This is a place where you can do  absolutely Nothing. The place actually makes you feel like your living in a village, it cuts you out from the outside world. Its a place just to unwind.

on our way back...greenery all around

on our way back…greenery all around