And here I am…after a long sabbatical !

I have been off blogging for almost 8 months now. Life has been a roller coaster with lots of ups and downs…actually more of downs in these 6 months. While the first 2 months were all about travelling… The rest were the worst days of my life. While my husband fractured his leg and was on plaster for almost a month and I lost my father in law during the same time to pneumonia. While we were hopeful that he would make it as his condition had improved but life is cruel at times. All this had taken a toll on me and was off blogging for a few months.

My husband encouraged me to get back to blogging and so here in am. All ready to share my travel stories with you . Before all this happened, I had planned my first europe trip in August last year after months of preparations and meticulous planning. It was special because
1. It was my first europe trip to my dream destination Switzerland.
2. It was my first trip without any of the men in my family (my hubby or dad).
3. I had done all the planning on my own…little details like which route to take…the itinerary, the hotel bookings…the train timings.. Bus timings..restaurants everything was planned by me without the help of any agent (which was always the case with my travels thanks to my protective family)
4. I was the leader in the group of 4.

And yes it was the best trip of my life.. I am more confident now.

I also travelled to another place which has been on top of my list since ages , Sikkim last November. Another one ticked off my list. I was bowled over by the beauty of this state, the warmth of the people and the simplicity of life. They live life to the fullest without any regrets. The only disappointment were the roads , I would be writing about it on my blog soon. Apart from that everything was just perfect.

Do stay tuned for my travel stories about these places in the days to come.


5 thoughts on “And here I am…after a long sabbatical !

  1. My condolences mam.. and I hope the fracture has healed up now. .

    Good to hear about the travels and looking forward to all the gossip. .

    Good to see you back. . And my best wishes..

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