My paradise on earth – Maldives

After a lot of discussion about where to go for honeymoon we zeroed in on Maldives the paradise on earth, Bora Bora island was left for our 25th anniversary (winks).

I really dint have any expectations of this place but that’s what turned out to be the best thing. For Maldives was a dream come true for me. It was my Paradise on Earth.

The airport pick up point.

The airport pick up point.

Male, the capital of Maldives was not a part of our itinerary, we just saw the Male airport and jumped on a speed boat to go to our final destination Lankanfinolhu island. The journey was breathtaking, I had never seen this color of blue ever in my life. It was just magical and every few minutes the color changed from light blue to dark blue to ink blue. I was like WoW. So much blue just blew me Away.



Once we reached our island we stopped at our resort , our home for the next few days, Paradise Island Resorts & Spa. The place was truly a paradise. On arrival we were given a welcome drink and escorted to our room which was a beach villa. The rooms were really big which opens to the beach. From the beach you could see the overwater villa (it had been my dream to stay in an over water villa). But due to unavailability we were given the beach villa which was also quiet good . After a fantastic 2 days stay at the beach villa we were upgraded to the overwater villa much to our surprise. I was super excited.

The over water villa's

The over water villa’s

If the beach villa was super, this was super se upar (winks). The whole experience changes once your in the water villa .The view from our villa was breathtaking. Crystal clear blue water just merges with the the blue skies. You could see fishes , rays, sharks oh yes baby sharks all around you just by sitting outside your room. We could see a lot of hotel guests go in for snorkelling but the water is so clear and clean that even the tiny fishes were clearly visible just by sitting on the deck. Simply mind blowing. The rooms are superbly made, with an open bath tub and an open deck just outside your room with steps that lead you down to the water. It’s a perfect romantic setting, just ideal for your honeymoon.


The view from my room

There are three restaurants, all of which were good. The Italian restaurant had the best setting, we could feed the fishes sitting there while having our dinner. The beach was so clean and the spa was amazing. I took a body massage which was rejuvenating and so refreshing.


The best part was the surprise my husband planned for me , a beach side candle light dinner with a personal chef. I was on top of the world.


There are water sport facilities too like para gliding, jet skiing but it’s too expensive. Snorkelling was a favourite with the tourists here. We took a half day island hopping tour which took us to another resort and from there to a fishing village to shop ..the tour was just about okay, I would rather stay in the resort and take in the beauty. But the next day we opted for a submarine ride, which was the best. We were taken on a boat to someplace close to male , in the middle of the water and asked to jump on the submarine. Now that we we were truly underway, my excitement level just tripled. We were taken down and down and down… It was the most beautiful sight I had ever seen. Fishes, coral, water flower, water snakes, and more fishes it was like a beautiful dream. The whole experience was out of this world.



The four days that we spent at Maldives before heading to Dubai was the best days of our honeymoon. One should go there for a perfect romantic setting, beautiful beaches and the awesome Sunset. It’s a place for a die hard romantic and a perfect place to spend some quality time with your beloved.


1. Everything there is expensive. So take an all inclusive package.
2. Even bottled drinking water comes for a cost , and they charge you in dollars and not in their local currency.
3. Stay in a water villa for a bit of luxury, or do a combination of both the water villa & beach villa.
4. Try all the three restaurants , all of them are good.
5. If u have this problem of sea sickness, avoid the full day island hopping tour. (Half day itself made me feel a little uncomfortable, considering the boat that they take you in,is quiet different from the speed boat you take from the airport to the resort. )

Go with absolutely no expectations and return with a whole lot of memories etched in your heart forever.


10 thoughts on “My paradise on earth – Maldives

  1. Gorgeous photos! Maldives is just the place for a blissful honeymoon! I am such a history/culture buff, I keep putting off beach destinations every time we plan our vacation. We might end up there for our fortieth or fiftieth yet πŸ™‚

    • Hi madhu, welcome to my blog… you should give maldives a try it surely is a beautiful place ..just out of this will definitely blow you away.. and maybe you’ll fall in love with beaches.. :))) thanks for dropping by πŸ™‚

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