The museum@Mehrangarh fort

Like i had promised , This post is a photo essay of the things i saw in the Mehrangarh fort museum. It definitely deserved a separate post.

A typical Rajput Sheesh Mahal (found in most of the Rajput palaces) full of delicate Mirror work.

05_Jodhpur (342)

Everything from the cieling to the walls are made of delicate glass work.

The Phool Mahal, the most private and grandest room of the palace where the dancers used to perform inorder to entertain the Kings.

05_Jodhpur (403)

Phool Mahal

Jhanki Mahal or The Palace of Glimpses is from where the women from the royal family used to look outside without being seen as they used to practise the tradition of “Purdah.” It is also where the numerous royal cradles are kept.

A room full of The Royal cradles...

A room full of The Royal cradles…

05_Jodhpur (393)

Takhat Vilas is Maharaja Takhat Singh’s Palace which is blend of modern and traditional architecture. Can you see shiny disco balls on the cielings?

05_Jodhpur (374)

05_Jodhpur (379)

Daulatkhana was the Treasury of the Royals,  the gallery has a display of huge collection of palanquins, artworks, coins, armory, hookahs etc .This also shows the close ties the Kings had with the Mughals. Its like a well-stocked museum.

05_Jodhpur (307)

05_Jodhpur (345)

05_Jodhpur (358)

05_Jodhpur (337)  05_Jodhpur (332)

The howdahs were a wooden seat covered with gold and silver sheets, which was fastened on to the elephant back.

05_Jodhpur (293)


A Palanquin

A Palanquin

Mahadol Palanquin was won in a battle in 1730

05_Jodhpur (308)

Mahadol Palanquin

Peacock Palanquin

05_Jodhpur (302)

Covered Palanquin or Pinja

05_Jodhpur (304)


05_Jodhpur (295)


05_Jodhpur (292)      05_Jodhpur (290)

This silver howdah was gifted to the King Jaswant Singh by the Mughal Emperor Shahjahan.

05_Jodhpur (286)

The make-up box.

05_Jodhpur (330)  05_Jodhpur (328)

The Swords…some that belonged to Emperor Akbar.

05_Jodhpur (320) 05_Jodhpur (317)

05_Jodhpur (318)

Marks of cannon balls on the walls / doors.

05_Jodhpur (439)

Usually i get bored of museums, but Mehrangarh fort museum and the Bikaner palace museum (more on this in a later post)  had some really interesting things to see that got me hooked right from the beginning.

05_Jodhpur (287)






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