Abhaneri step well – the unknown treasure

On your way from Jaipur to Agra , a small detour of a few kms will take you to this unknown treasure , abandoned, untouched and not so touristy place.
The village of Abhaneri is known for its step wells, and Chand baori (step well) was one of its kind I had ever seen in my life.
It was straight out of a Bollywood movie, it reminded me of the movie “Paheli”.
What’s strange is not many people know about it . Even our driver was clueless and discouraged us to take the detour. But I was adamant that I wanted to see this place no matter what. And was happy that I convinced him to take us there, and it was worth it.

09_Abhaneri stepwell (19)

It is nearly 1000 years old and built by King Chanda of Nikhumba Dynasty. But when you look at it you feel like it was built just yesterday. It’s one of the oldest stepwell in Rajasthan and one of the deepest step well in the world. The construction of this step well is so beautiful with stone works all over that makes you sit back and take notice of it. It’s near a river bank. It also has some temple ruins. One cannot go down for safety reasons. The step well is designed like a reverse pyramid into the ground . And I wonder how would it look at night with lamps lit all over just like in the movies…so beautiful. But such a thing used to happen during those days just to appease the rain god so that he blesses the well with water..this is what a guide following us told.

09_Abhaneri stepwell (23)

09_Abhaneri stepwell (20)

You can take a local guide for a nominal amount or just explore the place on your own.  The entry is free however they charge you for the video camera.

You might be the only person here, or maybe a few foreign tourists but it helps you in exploring the place more peacefully. The place is really quiet and peaceful and let’s you break the journey between Jaipur and Agra while you discover an untouched place. The architecture, the craftsmanship, the beauty will just blow you away.

09_Abhaneri stepwell (25)

09_Abhaneri stepwell (26)

I am so glad that I read about this place somewhere, researched well before we left for Rajasthan and took the decision to go there. This place was the most unforgettable experience I ever had.



5 thoughts on “Abhaneri step well – the unknown treasure

  1. What a wonderful place to discover and not very many others there either. It is amazing that entry is free. I would love to see this. Just think, if you did not know about it beforehand your driver would not have taken you there. He knows about it now, I wonder if he will take people there in future?

    • I hope so… That he takes more and more people there… Cos it definitely worth a visit… And also a beautiful part of history which is almost forgotten…

  2. WOW! This is awesome. I am the sceince/tech editor for visiontimes.com. I would love to repost this on our website. Also, would you be interested in becoming a contributing writer to our site. At this time, we are working on a plan to start getting contributors paid based on clicks, I don’t know if it’s in place yet, but would I be able to repost this and link back to your blog at this time? Thanks!

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